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My Wants & Haves

Hiya everybody & welcome to my Haves & Wants Page.

Thanx to ratiosu for the tutorial on how to do a LJ cut.

My Wants & Haves.....Warning VERY LONG LISTCollapse )My Wants & Haves.....Warning VERY LONG LISTCollapse )
Sprites are from: Pokesho.com/icon

Official Pokemon Video Game Showdown Website Wrote:  
Pokemon Video Game Showdown

This spring and summer, Pokémon Trainers will play Pokémon™ Platinum Version and battle for a chance to become a World Champion at the 2009 Pokémon Video Game World Championships!

In addition to bragging rights, two World Champions will win a trip for four to either Tokyo, New York, or Hawaii!

Pokémon Video Game Regional Championships will be held this spring and summer throughout the United States, and the competition is guaranteed to be intense. Trainers tough enough to qualify will earn a guaranteed competitor slot and Travel Award to participate in the Pokémon Video Game National Championships held in St. Louis, Missouri on June 27th and 28th. Pokémon Trainers who have the skill to qualify at the National level will earn an Invitation and Travel Award to the ultimate stage—the Pokémon Video Game World Championships! Note that European Championship Events will be played on Pokémon™ Diamond Version and Pokémon™ Pearl Version.
Well, since a thread about the Video Game Showdown hasn't been made I thought I'd make one. So, Who is going and any thoughts on it? My team is ready to compete Toungue.


Regional Championships
May 9
Seattle, WA
May 16
San Francisco, CA
May 23
Phoenix, AZ
May 30
Dallas, TX
June 6
Philadelphia, PA
June 13
Nashville, TN
National Championships
June 27
St. Louis, MO
You do not have to win a regionals to play, anyone can turn up and compete, max 128 competitors,
So winning a regionals guarantees you a spot.
World Championships
August 14
San Diego, CA (Invitation only)
European Worlds Qualifiers [TBD]
May 30
England, London
June 13
Germany, Berlin
June 20
France, Paris


If you think that they should be in other Countries other then the US/Eruope please sign this petiton.

Form to fill out
Site: (IE: LJ/dA/SPPF/Pokebeach)
Country that you live in:
Name: Light Venusaur
Site: LJ, dA, SPPF & Pokebeach
Country: Australia

Eeveelution Wanted Page

Avvies: Xous.
Plushies are from PokePlushProject
[Image: EeveeAvatarXous1.png] 

 2303225524_3c0ab10b3e.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2302428303_e4a12b809e.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2303224872_3a44170d93.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2302426995_4b8d36e9bc.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2302426903_b2dddfa6e5.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

 (Old One Only)
2957582282_58675b46bf.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur(It's Eevee, not Flareon)2310076610_eb1ec55592.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2302428863_6060463019.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2303225596_846689e7fb.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2303224336_dbbebec796.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2303224020_1335627703.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2613846956_64020170fd.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2949569095_5bf37eb7c9.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2949567033_31964ace13.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
[Image: VaporeonAvatarXous1.png](Vaporeon)
2605092976_69e0a56c90.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

[Image: JolteonAvatarXous1.png](Jolteon)

2303236458_8e79f80911.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

[Image: FlareonAvatarXous1.png](Flareon)
2309279381_89957a1aa6.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2605102734_700c42e7f5.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

[Image: EspeonAvatarXous1n.png](Espeon)
2304079430_c07a0470ec.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2605092206_9d15db3e46.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

[Image: UmbreonAvatarXous1n.png](Umbreon)

[Image: LeafeonAvatarXous1.png](Leafia/Leafeon)

2950438338_7836a3026d.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2949586103_92b1a290af.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

[Image: GlaceonAvatarXous1.png](Glacia/Glaceon)
2950437790_0797d5ecd5.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

Mis. Wants:
[Image: ShinxAvatarXous1.png] (Shinx/Luxio/Luxray)
2445836263_2e45e8dc8f.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2622022247_6f7ebc9aeb.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2634039065_bee97829c6.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2950435080_a5eb74ccec.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur2634039023_62552406e2.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur
2308662176_7f23084d89.jpg picture by Light_VenusaurOLD ONE ONLY!!!
[Image: ShayminChristmasAvatarXous1.png](Shaymin/Landmin)
2406832698_a3d8fe67bd.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur

(Shaymin Sky Forme/Skymin)
2950441650_95591f4475.jpg picture by Light_Venusaur


Happy Latias *

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